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Quality Education

Lobethal Lutheran School based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills provides Christ centred, quality primary school education that values and nurtures each child’s potential within a caring community.

At Lobethal Lutheran School your child has their best opportunity to realise their unique potential, passions and purpose in life.

“We have always found the teachers to be really accessible. When there have been times where we have needed extra help, this is when I have seen their dedication at its absolute best. Nothing is ever too hard and they are always willing to help with complete understanding. We have loved being a part of the school community, for both our children and ourselves. It is like having a school family with a lovely sense of community. Our children love their school and are very proud of it. All of this has made us very happy with our decision.”
Kerri Muster
“Choosing Lobethal Lutheran School was one of the best decisions we made for our two boys. A school, with an array of hard working, diverse and dedicated teachers. Teachers that go above and beyond to really tune into each child’s individual learning needs, but also truly care for the emotional wellbeing of each child, whilst supporting them throughout their academic journey. We could not be prouder to be part of a school that is full of nurture, dedication, kindness and creativity, where anything is possible when working together as a team. Our two boys have blossomed since being at the school.”
Pippa Gill-Donald
"As a new family starting at Lobethal Lutheran School, we have found the experience incredibly positive, welcoming and supportive. My children have thrived in this environment that is reflective of Christian values; where they have been encouraged to apply critical thinking while developing their confidence through quality and nurturing education. Christ-centred education is a fundamental part of this school and helps support my children by growing in their faith and their walk with Jesus. We look forward to continuing our children’s education at ‘Lobylu’ and our family becoming more involved in such a caring and proactive school community.”
Sarah Fiebig
“Lobethal Lutheran School is a truly unique place in almost every aspect. In a generation obsessed with materialism and superficiality, Lobethal Lutheran School provides young children with exposure to a sense of belonging, acceptance, and a deeper understanding of education. Lobethal Lutheran School has great teachers, motivated and engaged students and epitomises what it is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment.”
Toni Rowland
“Our time with Lobethal Lutheran School in one word is “amazing”. The support behind the students has certainly helped with their education, creativity, social and mental health. With continuous improvements and changing environments around us today, the school is setup for all of today's and tomorrows challenges.”
Sam and Ryan
"My children and ourselves as parents have always felt supported by LLS. Extra support and individualised learning programs have changed the way my eldest felt about his learning experience. A kid who struggled to read during early primary, was provided the extra supported he needed and to this day he loves to read. I still find this amazing and am so grateful for the opportunities and patience shown to him. Amazing roles models, teachers and kindness shown has touched us and my kids in many ways."
Wendy Foweraker

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