Education at Lobethal Lutheran School

Education at Lobethal Lutheran School is delivered by motivated, creative and caring classroom teachers using exceptional facilities and resources. From the significant foundation years of schooling, children are provided with opportunities to develop in mind, body and spirit.

A wide-ranging curriculum caters for all students – from the intellectually gifted to those more interested in vocational courses.

This breadth of choice along with Lobethal Lutheran School’s varied and engaging teaching methodology incorporates authenticity and real-world learning. To find out more information about the Lobethal Lutheran School Academic Pathways:

Personalised Learning

Lobethal Lutheran School understands the importance of making a good beginning. From the significant foundation years of schooling, our children are provided with opportunities to develop in mind, body and spirit. Lobethal Lutheran School has a differentiated, inquiry-based curriculum, delivered by motivated, creative and caring classroom teachers using exceptional facilities and resources.

Lobethal Lutheran School adopts a comprehensive approach to learning with a global perspective. Children are given ownership of their learning to develop their own research and critical thinking skills. Children are encouraged to be able to pursue their interests and make meaningful connections with the community and the world.

Lobethal Lutheran School’s curriculum supports various methods of learning which is provided by a specialised Learning Support Teacher as well support aides tailored for the individual both within the classroom and using individual or small group assistance/intervention outside the classroom.

21st Century Learning at Lobethal Lutheran School

We want our students to be able to flourish and inspire for years to come.

Students at Lobethal Lutheran School engage in thinking by exploring, questioning, seeking clarification, thinking critically and creatively while considering the perspective of others.

Our teachers use such tools as Blooms Taxonomy which promotes higher order thinking skills, such as analysing and evaluating. Our students are not just text book learning, but are taught to understand and apply their knowledge using a variety of graphic organisers, e.g. Venn Diagrams so they can adequately organise and represent their information.

At Lobethal Lutheran School we use the research undertaken by John Hattie to understand what factors promote the most successful learning outcomes for our students. Hattie defines Visible Learners as students who can; articulate what they’re learning, explain the next steps in their learning, set goals, see mistakes as learning experiences and seek feedback.

We pride ourselves on teaching the 16 Habits of Mind created by Arthur L Costa and Bena Kallick, helping students to work towards positive outcomes, in real life situations, promote perseverance and creativity.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Meeting the social and emotional needs of throughout the education of our children is perhaps one of the most significant priorities for parents. It’s also a key focus for schools. Research has found that a child’s sense of attachment or belonging to their school environment is a major protective factor against risk behaviours and can also enhance student achievement.

In today’s society, children experience a wide range of issues that can impact their wellbeing. Childhood fears are normal and are likely to change over time. The key is to acknowledge fears and help your child face them, rather than protecting them from the fears.

Mindfulness is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular with educators and employers. Encouraging students to be mindful can lead to improved attention, memory processing and decision-making abilities; increased self-awareness, social awareness and self-confidence; and increased ability to self-regulate emotions.

We teach and support each student to strive for fulfilment, purpose and meaning through programs that build self-esteem and resilience, social skills, anti-bullying, anger management, grief, loss and change. This is initiated through the Pastoral Care Worker / Counsellor in collaboration with the teachers as one-on-one sessions, small groups or as a whole class initiate.

HOTS: Higher Order thinking Skills at Lobethal Lutheran School

Learning opportunities that support higher-order thinking are part of the teaching and learning program at Lobethal Lutheran School. Students use higher-order thinking skills to engage in learning activities that require them to arrive at new meanings and understandings, make things which are new and to solve unfamiliar problems. They exercise judgement and use tools that make their higher-order thinking visible.

Our learning spaces emphasise thinking and persistence in problem-solving, in independent play and in inquiry.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

At Lobethal Lutheran School, we run a school Chapel Band and a School Choir. This is where our Year 1 to Year 7 students have the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to perform and show others their amazing skills while building their own self-confidence and commitment. We have performed at events such as Hills Music Festival, Top of the Valley and our own worship services that we hold regularly at our school.At Lobethal Lutheran school STEM is an approach to learning that uses connections within the areas of Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths to develop skills that can be used to solve complex problems.

Students use their curiosity and wonder of the world to identify real world problems. They are challenged to solve these problems that require critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, with tools that are relevant to them.

Students utilise a designated ‘Maker Space’ equipped with a laser cutter, 3D printer and LEGO Mindstorm robots to explore ideas, problems and designed solutions.

Performing Arts

Lobethal Lutheran School competes in the Wakakirri Story Dance Competitions. It is Australia’s largest performing arts event held nationally. Lobethal Lutheran School created their own dance-story and then performed at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre with lots of other South Australian Primary and High Schools. In 2019, Lobethal Lutheran School competed in Wakakirri with “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, a story-dance based around Dr Seuss. We were lucky enough to win two awards;

  • The Best Individual Hair and Make-Up Award
  • The Best Popular Cultural Story

Students gain a variety of dance and music skills and experiences from participating in Wakakirri.

Some life skills learnt include:

  • Collaboration
  • Team work
  • Friendships
  • Dedication

We’re developing students for the future

Leadership at Lobethal Lutheran School

At Lobethal Lutheran School we believe students need to be at the centre of their learning and should have true ownership in their school. Students are given opportunities to have input into decisions, voice concerns and make suggestions to improve their school, as well as becoming more aware of the wider community.

Leadership is integral to life-long learning. All students should have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Student leadership roles include School Captains, House Captains and Student Representative Councillors. Students who aspire to a student leadership role, demonstrate an understanding of and model Lutheran School Values of: Love, Justice, Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, Courage, Humility, Hope, Quality and Appreciation in every aspect of school life.

School Captains are provided with opportunities to participate in workshops with other Lutheran Primary School Leaders.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of a group of students who want to help other students by presenting ideas which are of benefit to all students, to the School staff and Council.  The SRC also informs its peers of any important information which affects the student body.

Another purpose of the SRC is to teach students how the school works, how decisions are made and how to achieve changes.  Being on the SRC teaches skills which you can put to use in later life.  In the past our representatives have been very active and have made some important negotiations with the Principal.

Students participating in the SRC need to be well organised and prepared to work towards having input in the running of the school.

Students are voted in by their peers after delivering a persuasive speech/text giving reasons why they should be elected onto the council.  We believe they have a valuable contribution to make by voicing new ideas and in ensuring that their expectations of high school are fulfilled.

Issues likely to be discussed at SRC meetings are:

  • Problems or concerns that students have and which need to be discussed by the School Council.
  • Letters and requests from various organisations.
  • Any fundraising that is seen as important to the school.
  • Organising and running end of term activities such as discos and videos.

Any student who is interested in joining the SRC must attend meetings.

SRC involvement can be very rewarding, particularly if students present good ideas at the meetings and are then able to follow them through to fruition.

Restoratives Practice

Restorative Practices are successful approaches we use to encourage empathy and self-control in our students. Students are enabled to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour. Through this, people have the opportunity to make things right with their peers, while also promoting the practice of forgiveness.

Class Carers and Care Net

Caring for our school community is of high importance at Lobethal Lutheran School. Our amazing parents and carers, graciously volunteer in a caring, supporting and encouraging role towards our students, teachers and families. There are usually two class carers per class and the Care Net is open to all of our families. This is coordinated and networked through the Pastoral Care Worker / Counsellor by means of meals, vouchers, transport, gifts, events and general support, love and care.

After School Clubs

From 3:30pm until 4:30pm we run two After School Clubs, one of them having no cost. They are organised and supervised by parent volunteers and staff members.

Tuesday: Art Club (cost involved)

Thursday: Coding Club


Learning opportunities at Lobethal Lutheran school go beyond the classroom environment.


At Lobethal Lutheran School, we run a school Chapel Band and a School Choir. This is where our Year 1 to Year 7 students have the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to perform and show others their amazing skills while building their own self-confidence and commitment. We have performed at events such as Hills Music Festival, Top of the Valley and our own worship services that we hold regularly at our school.

Physical Education

Our school participates in the Hills SAPSASA events of Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming as well as the SAPSASA Knockout Sports competitions of: Tennis, Netball, Soccer, Cricket and AFL. Students in Years 6 and 7 are also provided with the opportunity to nominate for various Hills SAPSASA events throughout the school year. These events provide a path for students to achieve Hills district representation.

School Camps

Are held every second year and focus on challenge, teamwork and outdoor learning. In the alternate year, students in Years 6 and 7 travel to Canberra where they focus on learning about democracy and citizenship. Year 1 students have a school sleepover every year.

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